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VentureBeat posted an article today with some interesting security concerns relating to some of the features of the newly announced Amazon Fire phone. Specifically the Firefly feature which allows users to take pics of items or record audio they want to look up in the Amazon store. The problem is that since the feature is tied to a button it always takes a picture AND record the audio, not either or but both. And these images and recordings are stored by Amazon to “improve” their recognition system. While the user can request that they be cleared I doubt that many will know to do so.

This leads to the privacy concern since users may not realize that the phone is recording audio when they want a picture and any background conversations will be recorded and sent to Amazon. Similarly when recording sounds in a public place such as a coffee show other people could have their pictures sent to Amazon.

This is just another example of how when it comes to any online interaction privacy is usually the first thing to go.